Ancillary Equipment

We can offer several ancillary equipment to complete our production lines

or to increase the storage, the capacity or the functionality of existing lines. Chocolate pumps, storage tanks from 150 kg up to 20.000 kg, cocoa butter melters, granular ingredients feeders, volumetric dosing systems for chocolate and tailor-made solutions for specific requests. We are open to discuss with our customers to achieve the best cost effective solution to specific needs.

DOS Volumetric Dosing Machine

Flexible and efficient machine for dosing chocolate, chocolate creams or compounds into moulds or other containers. The machine can be installed on wheels to be easily removable.
Depositing capacities:
from 50 to 100 cc.

Melting Tank VBM

Our melting tanks are specifically designed to quickly melt cocoa butter, cocoa blocks, and vegetable fat substitutes. Equipped with blade stirrers, electric heaters and an accurate temperature control system.
Volumetric capacities:
400, 800, 1200 L

Tank MAC Series

Cylindrical jacketed tanks for the storage of liquid chocolate with a recirculation system and a special heated and scraped conical surface for the volatilization of unwanted humidity and acidity contained in some kind of cocoa.
Capacities: from 1500 to 2500 kg

Tank MA Series

Cylindrical tank at double wall, with product mixing system, suitable for storage and maintenance at even temperature of chocolate in a liquid state.
Capacities: from 500 to 6000

Mazzetti Renato, Ancillary Equipment